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Hair of the Drog

Monday, May 21, 2007

Here at Heaven's 11 we don't like to be seen to favour certain teams over others, and any bias other than that favouring Tottenham (as a result of our Swedish/North London correspondent) is purely coincidental.

Now that that is cleared up, we can safely say that Chelsea deserved to be the eventual winners at the new Wembley on Saturday past. Sure, it was a dire game of football with very little in the way of inspiration or creativity, but what was apparent was Mourinho's superior tactical nous.

Couple that with United's failure to beat Chelsea this season (along with defeats to Arsenal home and away, away defeats to Copenhagen, Roma and Milan), and it seems that the reds are not the invincible club they think they are.

No one is suggesting that Chelsea deserved the Premiership crown (only a fan blinded by blue could pronounce such blasphemous opinion), United were the better side over the course of the season, however, on Saturday they were beaten by a team who have only one aim; to win.

In Didier Drogba, Lampard, Terry and Cech, they have fighters. Alongside such valiant players are troops such as Mikel, Makalele, Bridge, Cole & Cole and the unstoppable Essien. Throughout the game, Rooney seemed to be the only real player trying to win the game for Manchester United, and his efforts were mostly poor. The two teams have played 126 games between them this season, and it was clear that there were a lot of tired legs out there, but for Drogba to still look fresh enough to lose his marker while playing a scintialing one-two with Lampard was a sign of the hunger that drives these Chelsea players.

Mourinho put up 6 fingers to signal the number of trophies he has won since arriving in London, and only a fool would bet against him adding to that number.

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