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Seville Retain The Title

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sevilla have become only the 2nd ever club to retain the UEFA Cup (we suspect that's because most winners of the UEFA Cup tend to be challenging for the CL the season after...), and they did it in style albeit with a few shaky moments.

The game itself was a fine demonstration of flowing attacking football, both sides battled to the end, a fact exemplified by Jonatas' dramatic equaliser in the 115th minute of the Final. The game was played in good spirit and the refereeing was spot on, with the ref allowing the game to play on on the several occasions when players went to ground too easily. They soon learnt.

Both 'keepers were exceptional, pulling off some incredible saves, not least Palop - who was later to become the hero of the match - from an audacious lop by Riera. Fantastic stuff.

Sevilla should've finished the game sooner, and no doubt Juande Ramos will have a few white hairs this morning (and a stonking hangover we hope). Although Valverde thought "it was real cruel final", and put it down to Palop's performance saying "They have a great goalkeeper. That was crucial", he overlooked the fact that had it not been for Gorka Iraizoz, they wouldn't have even have made it past 90 on the clock.

Still though, great performance and great ad for La Liga -- perhaps an indication of it's competitiveness and overall quality over the Premiership.

We look forward to the FA Cup Final, hopefully both Chelsea and Man Utd will take something from this game and go on the attack at Wembley. Hopefully.

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