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And another thing..

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One of the main reasons that Beckham went to MLS was to promote the League around the world, to generate a hitherto unprecedented interest in what can only be described as a poor competition. Amongst many of the arguments to bring over Becks, was that a lot of American players, and future talents were leaving MLS at their first opportunity and therefore weakening the League and it's position to hold on to talent.
By bringing over Beckham, they were hoping to be showing some signs of their ambition as a league. They were also hoping that it would convince the younger players that MLS is capable of fullfilling their footballing ambitions, both in terms of wages and quality of football.

By letting Clint Dempsey go to the Premiership they were showing that they didn't have what it took to hold onto their blossoming talent and were widely criticised by the American press and those involved in the game. By signing Beckham, it was a sign that the tide was changing and that perhaps MLS was at a turning point -- good players could be tempted to play in the US.

Alas, it has all been bullshit. Releasing Freddy Adu, a footballer widely regarded as not only the most promising player of US footballing history, but also of footballing history in general, is a big mistake. He has been transfered to one of Europe's 2nd tier clubs (no offence guys, but you know what I mean), for what is probably a reasonable fee -- what message does this send out to other budding players in the US?

Is says that if Adu wants out, then I want out. If Adu has realised that playing for a decent European side is better for his football than scoring bicycle kicks from the halfway line in the MLS, then he's gotta be right. I too, want out.

MLS is sending out the wrong message here to it's clubs, to the kids at grass roots level and to players from abroad who will almost certainly realise that David Beckham going to the US is not that different from Pele doing the same.

And we all know what happened to MLS after that..

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