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Domestic Glory Doesn't Pay

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Well well, is it a coincidence that both Chelsea and now Man Utd have faltered at the final hurdle of Europe's prestigious knock-out tournament?

I don't think so.

Obviously that doesn't excuse their performances. Heinze's hilarious backpass to Vidic which resulted in an equally hilarious clearance was only the second most hilarious moment of this year's competition. The winner of that accolade does belong to Heinze, but rather involves Evra's destruction derby impression during the 3-2 win at Old Trafford. That tumbling of bodies was reminiscent of some of the finer moments of the NFL and Kaka did well to avoid being taken out.

United just didn't turn up, and suddenly we get the fantastic sore loser comments from a more than usually red-faced Fergie regarding their fixture pile up. Apparently this pile up is the reason for their unusually poor performance.

"The television was happy to move the game to Sunday but the Premier League said the integrity of the competition had to be paramount", said Fergie in response to the fast approaching derby at Eastlands. Ironically he seems to have ignored all the other occasions this season where Chelsea have had to play before United most weekends. Support for Mourinho? You must be joking.

The integrity of this argument is compromised by the laughability of his narrowmindedness and naturally blinkered nature. The running joke about the F.A. Cup being the 3rd/4th place play-off for the CL has been doing the rounds today, and although does amuse this blog slightly, the authors of this joke are probably Liverpool fans who have forgotten that they are the club who have gone the longest in Europe without reclaiming their domestic title.

Ah well.

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