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Liverpool Reina Continues

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A few weeks back this blog asked if Chelsea had blown it?

The answer I think we can all agree, is yes.

In 3 days Chelsea went from being Premiership contenders (although the prospect cannot be officially ruled out, only a fool would bet on United throwing it away now) to also rans, and from being challengers to the throne of European football to sore losers.

Mourinho once again whipped out the ol' sulky face that sends those housewives crazy, and moaned about various aspects of the game. He seemed to be quite annoyed that the only team that was trying to win the game was his own. This comment was made regardless of Kuyt's extra time disallowed goal, his earlier header which smacked off the cross bar and Liverpool's legitimate goal in normal time. Indeed it does seem like Liverpool were trying to force the game into penalities. Shame on them.

In a match devoid of any entertainment other than that caused by tension, the highlight was seeing Benitez sitting down cross legged on the touchline awaiting penalites. He seemed calm, controlled and most of all comfortable. Perhaps he should give Sir Alex and Arsene the phone number for his yoga classes -- the premiership would be a happier place.

Elsewhere, Pepe Reina was burgled.

Yes, it seems that there is a ring of burglers out there who have been smart enough to make the connection that if a footballer is playing live on TV, then it follows that he is not at home. Bingo. Result? Jerzy Dudek was seen sporting a t-shirt with the logo "best goalkeeper in the world" printed onto the front -- we may have found our culprit.

Either way, the final few weeks of this season will decide Mourinho's legacy (for there is little chance he will be around next season to entertain us all). If Chelsea can beat United in the F.A. Cup Final then perhaps all will not be lost. After all, he hasn't won that trophy, and it would be a decent winner's medal to add to his collection, and could in fact persuade his owners not to terminate his employment.

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