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Champions League Preview

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So after a week of frankly poor international football, we were treated to a weekend return of our domestic leagues. Now, as dessert, we are offered the spectacle that is the Champions League.

Tonight sees Liverpool do battle with PSV Eindhoven, a side managed by former Benfica boss, Ronald Koeman. Last season saw Koeman and the Aguias knock out Liverpool inlcuding an away triumph at Anfield, a rare occasion indeed. Koeman was also the architect of Manchester United's group phase exit, and this year has knocked out Arsenal.
His proven record at European level cannot be underestimated, yet Liverpool will be bouyed by the return to fitness of Bellamy, and their recent 4-1 demolition of Arsenal over the weekend. It seems that even scoring the "perfect" hat-trick cannot garuntee Crouch a position in the ever rotating starting line-up.
Prediction: 0-0

Manchester United face Roma, both underachievers at Champions League level. Domestically, United are unrivalled for form and goal scoring ability, however, in Europe they have consistently fallen short of the mark. Even their Champions League success in '99 was due to some extremely lucky goal mouth scrambling and lack of concentration from Bayern Munich. Since then, they have failed to progress past the quarter-finals, and they will have to be at their best against Roma. Rumour has it that both Saha and Fletcher are to play a part in the game, in which case we can't expect anything special.
Roma are missing Pizarro through suspension, and Panucci is having to play at left-back, two changes which threaten to end Roma's streak of 9 undefeated home wins in European Competitions. Totti remains the danger man, and Wes Brown and Rio Ferdinand are going to have their hands full.
Prediction: 2-1, United remaining on full steam.

...More atfer lunch...

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