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United One Step Away

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Manchester United's tale of two penalites game against City has probably handed them the title. Although Vassel's attempt at a penalty was laughable, City fans will proabably be more focused by their failure to score at home since New Year's Day.

Laughable indeed. How City can even defend Pearce amidst claims of Allardyce's potential appointment as the new manager. With a recent bust up in traning between Dabo and Barton, and Barton repeatedly undermining everyone's authority, one can only assume that Pearce has also lost control of the dressing-room.

The evidence was there for all to see against a mediocre United. Mpenza was the only real threat to United throughout the game, and came close on a couple of attempts, not least an impressive half volley on the turn. Either way, it was not to be and Machester United once again demonstrated the desire and attitude to chase the game throughout, particularly the brilliant Ronaldo.

Ball's stamp on the player early in the first half was outrageous and deserved an instant red card, however he managed to get away with it only for Ronaldo to go down under a weak tackle in the box. Ball wasn't as lucky this time, and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Ronaldo stood up and buried a very well taken penalty.

Vassel will rue his chance to take off some pressure, however, he failed and his manner of failure was exactly why Manchester City are in the predicament they are in.

..Oh, and apparently Sir Alex is going golfing tomorrow. He doesn't fancy watching the Arsenal v Chelsea game. A very rare sign of overconfidence from the United manager, and after today, who could blame him.

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