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Friday, May 04, 2007

While Gattuso is busy taunting Liverpool over their "dated" and rubbish "long ball" game (this blog certainly doesn't see any reasons to argue), we focus our attentions on the approaching Premiership weekend.

Title contenders aside, the battle to secure a stay in the top flight is what really gets exciting at this time of the season. Not least because it is the only time when average teams playing poor football are actually entertaining.

However, attention on the bottom of the table is being drawn to the "Tevezgate" scandal. This blog is part of the contigent that believe a £5.5 million fine is a bit of a let off compared the amount of money West Ham stand to lose should they drop. Recently, the value of promotion has been quoted as being as high as £60 million -- a reflection on the increased TV rights amongst other contributing factors.

A points deduction would've have been a much more just result especially bearing in mind Tevez's recent influence on West Ham's results. The 3-0 win at Wigan was down to man-of-the-match Tevez's creative play and passing, as was the win against Middlesborough earlier in the season. You get the drift.

The point is, that there are 6 points right there which would consign them to almost certain relegation, one which could now befall Wigan. Ask any Hammers fan to choose between a points deduction or £5.5 million fine and they will uniformly say "fine" -- their chairman has deep pockets, and if he can afford to shell out the green for Neill, Upson and Boa Morte then he will have no problems paying the fine. But points?

Once again the Premier League have shown themselves to be weak under pressure, and they all know that West Ham are a club who bring in viewings, full stadia and a chairman who will attract foreign interest. Wigan? Screw 'em. Watford? Them too...

Whelan is right to try and sue the lot of them, and with any luck something will come of it. Although this blog doubts that eventuality, its certainly more entertaining than the football any of these clubs bring to the pitch.

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