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Title Race Over

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So it has come to pass that Manchester United are the champions and very deservedly so. This season was a battle of attrition, with United playing the silky and threatening attacking football that Arsenal think they play, and Chelsea sporting a more smash and grab method. One proved successful, entertaining and engaging, the other was just shite.

Chelsea never hit top gear throughout the entire season. Chelsea fans will have been surprised and more than a little annoyed at their failure to capitalise on United's recent slip-ups, and in many ways, the poor performances of Ballack and Shevchenko were much to blame. Mourinho's decision to play a side without any real wingers didn't end up dazzling or succeeding in any of the ways that Robben and Duff/Cole had destroyed various teams in the previous two seasons and they will have to clean out some of the bad and change their tactics.

Really though, Manchester United deserve it all -- Ronaldo and Rooney have been outstanding, and the two clubs have been far beyond anything that the other clubs have provided this season, particularly Arsenal and Liverpool who have suffered seasons of extreme mediocrity (aside from Liverpool's 2nd CL Final in 3 years under Beitez). It'd be nice for them to be involved in the race next season, but its far too soon to be thinking about that.

Elsewhere, Charlton were relegated, which many Charlton fans greeted with a small cheer safe in the knowlegde that they'll finally be the best team in the league for a season. They may even win the Championship next season, something that the fans deserve. Who will join them? This blog would like to see West Ham go the way they deserve, however a suspicious feeling suggests it'll be Wigan. They're also crap, so who cares.

Spurs seem to have sealed a UEFA spot along with Bolton and Everton, and once again Newcaste, Boro, Villa and even Blackburn (a very decent side who are often overlooked, although 10th isn't that great) have done very little. Roeder was shown the exit, Southgate learnt the hard way and Mark Hughes learnt that Fabregas is a twat. Frustrations for all, not least, the fans of the shockingly awful Manchester City. As mentioned in the previous post, they have failed to score at home since new year's day -- forget mid table mediocrity, that is just terrible, and the worst bit is that Pearce isn't the worst manager by a long way, he is poor at judging player ability as can be seen in Corradi and Samaras. Now being forced to sell Barton can't be the solution to their problems either.

All this talk of underperforming footballers and the depths of dispair experienced by Newcastle is depressing this blog. Coffee is in order for all.

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