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10 Cents and some change

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's that point on a Friday afternoon where after trowling the various blogs and footballing websites of repute and disrepute that this blog feels it's time to throw in it's 10 cents.

Anyone unlucky enough to watch the Chelsea v Man Utd match on Wednesday will know that the league is over. Neither team tried to win, and sympathy must be extended to the fans of both clubs who bought the tickets earlier in the season under the illusion that they were going to witness the title decider. All of those smug people with far too much money to burn weren't looking so smug on Wednesday night when Sinclair and Sahar appeared on one team sheet, and Eagles on the other.

Chelsea formed a guard of honour and clapped on the new Champions, instead however, they were greeted by a team captained by Heinze. This blog can only assume that the applause was directed at Heinze and his recent "Most Hilarious Footballing Moment Of 06/07" award.

Elsewhere, Fergie's love of wine has been brought into the limelight. It seems that every quote leaving the red-faced Scot's mouth has some mention of wine -- good for him, and as a result we finally have conclusive evidence that drinking has a positive effect on your job.

This weekend also sees the 2 games which will decide which team will be accompanying Watford and Charlton into the lower realms of the Championship. Personally we think it'll be Sheffield United or Wigan (for all their whining), but West Ham will have to pull something special out of the bag against Manchester United if they are to remain in the top flight. Tevez has apparently stopped learning English, which suggests that he doesn't fancy the Hammers' chances. Either that or his wages have been cut as a result of the £5.5 million fine.

It could also be the last weekend we are subjected to Poll's refereeing. This blog was unforutnate enough to witness a fine display of the man's officiating during a Fulham v Blackburn encounter. Aside from the dire football on display, there wasn't much to keep this blog entertained other than Poll's trigger happy attitude towards refereeing. Defend himself as he might, he hasn't a leg to stand on. Realistically, it won't be the end. Hackett has come out defending the disgraced Poll, and suddenly what had seemed too good to be true, has indeed turned out to be just that.

There wasn't too much to rub this blog up the wrong way this week, perhaps it will all change with the fast approaching C.L. Final and that other game, you know, the one involving those two giants of English football? No?

No, us neither.

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