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All Hail The Return

Monday, August 13, 2007

And so the Premiership returned, finally after a long absence in which we had to make do with the less than interesting Tevez transfer-saga, the weekend was sunny and filled with exciting episodes such as Obafemi's impressive bicycle kick, Gerrard's pin-pointed free kick, Chopra's last minute winner, Arsenal's comback, Chelsea's return to attacking football and suprisingly the only real bore-fest was United's draw at home to Reading.

We saw Sven put together an attacking team which gave City an away win to West Ham -- a team who have spent big, and were expected to achieve mid table mediocrity. Instead, they could be on the verge of free-fall. Will the blues of Manchester be able to keep this up all season? I certainly hope so, and in repeating such performances perhaps the media will finally go quiet regarding Svennis. Perhaps not.

Will the Geordies fronted by Allardyce finally make up for lost time? It seems that Allardye has finally roused some desire from his side, something that both Roeder and Sounness were unable to do in their combined tenure at the club. It won't be every week that they'll be lucky enough to play against a side as pitiful as Bolton were, but surely a top 7 finish is within their grasp.

This blogger watched the highlights of the Derby v Portsmouth game, but frankly, can't remember them, (although there was a Todd diving header which looked pretty smashing) and therefore won't write an opinionated comment on Portsmouth's season aspirations.
Derby to go down.

Chelsea were suprisingly good to watch -- they attacked at every opportunity (most likely due to the absence of a decent defence, Ben Haim wasn't great and Glen Johnson was embarassing), and Malouda seems to be justifying his price tag. Wright-Phillips was good too.

Man Utd were distinctly average, plus they had to deal with Reading performing the olde "parketh the bus in fronteth the goaleth" trick. Reading did this well and Harmesson was incredible in goal. Rooney picked up an injury, and turns out he's broken his foot. For the third time. Surely it's time to consider changing his boots to adidas?

Liverpool played too, but this blogger reserves the right to biased journalism and therefore any comment on them ends here.

Bring on Tuesday, where Tottenham face Everton!

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