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Elephants stand strong

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elephants stand strong

It's hard not to wrote a reactionary piece based on Portugal's dire
nil all draw to Ivory Coast so I will do my best to hold some sort of
impartiality when judging where Portugal go next.

Queiroz played a very narrow 4-3-3, ostensibly a 4-5-1 with Liedson
leading the line with Danny and Ronaldo supporting. Behind them the
trio of Mendes, Meireles and Deco would supposedly boss the midfield.
This of course never materialised.

I predicted Danny would be the star today, yet he was totally
anonymous mislaying passes everywhere though not as bad as team
captain Ronaldo who completed a mere 59% of his passes, the lowest for
both sides.

Coentrao and Ferreira were being pegged back all game, Ferreira the
subject of Gervinho's excellent attacking play preventing either
player from assisting in the offensive play. As a result Portugal were
far too narrow, and were forced into a scruffy midfield battle.

Queiroz brought on Simão which seemed like a good move, yet he then
replaced both Deco and Meireles for carbon copy players Tiago and
Ruben Amorim. Portugal were stogy and lacked invention.

Hugo Almeida perhaps deserved a look in when Portugal were on top in
the final 20, but perhaps Queiroz was more concerned with the points.

Regardless it's easy to see where to improve, and Nani's absence is
greater than expected but points to where Portugal should be looking.
I can't see them playing any worse and at least that's something.

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