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Monday, October 29, 2007

So after the dust has settled on the Mourinho saga, and Martin Jol has finally been handed his p45 via txt message, the challenge for the top 4 is definitely under way.

Chelsea beat a re-invigorated Man City side 6-0 at the fortress of Stamford Bridge. Their style of play and dedication to attacking football was outstanding, with Frank Lampard providing the motor for the victory. They were outstanding, and although Man City did a lot to make them look better (Garrido was so bad, it was farcical), it cannot be overlooked that Henk Ten Cate's training methods are clearly making an immediate impact.

If the rumours of intense training and box to box sprints the day after the CL defeat of Shalke are to be believed, then it is apparent that Chelsea are changing the way they play, starting at the front. They seem to be attacking more fiercly, leaving holes in the midfield which leave the defense extremely vulnerable. Mourinho would never have allowed such play, and would certainly not been a fan of chasing goals when already 3 nil up against a top 4 contender.

On several occasions since his appointment as head coach at Chelsea FC, Grant has mentioned his step-by-step plan to re-introduce attacking football to the club, "we're trying to do exactly what Roman wants" he failed to add.

Perhaps we are all wrong to laugh at him. Perhaps he knows what he's doing. Perhaps of course Tottenham will come fourth.

Somehow, this blog doubts it.

posted by teedoubleyou


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